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After delivering 321 digital marketing projects and 120651 online academic assessments, DigiVersal has announced its proposition to expand globally. In line with ‘Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time’, DigiVersal is searching for academic professionals to be a part of our online academic writing and consultation services. This offer is for freelancers and working individuals to earn as much as they can, and learn as they earn!

If you are thinking of a freelance job where all the conditions are uncertain and there’s no one in the business to provide you something other than a usual freelance project. Think again because DigiVersal is reaching out to you. You may ask – ‘what is in it for me?’

Sheer Professionalism

As per your academic consulting profile, we will sign an official contract wherein all the monetary and skill-improvement criterion will be mentioned in detail.

Currently, DigiVersal consists of overall 256 academic consulting executives and senior professionals in our Noida headquarter, and branch office at Indore. We give you an opportunity to join their league and set yourself apart.

High Income for Short Deadline

You will be able to earn a handsome income on the basis of number of projects you undertake within the least timeframe.

Quality-First Approach

Following stringent quality parameters, with all the individuals or any organization, DigiVersal emphasizes on delivering uncompromising quality to every single client. Our 100% satisfaction rate is what we are proud of, and we take all possible measures to continue this unending streak.

In case of any shortcomings, with training and development, we ensure that all our associates gain the intricacies of academic writing for their overall development.

One Subject Expertise is all That We Ask

To apply for academic consultation, applicants are required to have a firm knowledge of at any one specific subject or sub-domain out of our 400+ available disciplines.

Even if you are confident about your proficiency in a specific field, programming language or any technical tool, we have got just the right project for you. In case you require any guidance with any of your assessment during the course of your DigiVersal term, our senior officials are always prepared to help you with your problems.

More Projects, More Gains

DigiVersal caters to an average of 800 projects every single day from Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, and worldwide.

Our team of operations always has hundreds of projects best suited for your expertise. So, you can take as many projects as you want, and earn as much as you can deliver.

Flexibility Guaranteed

We enable our associates to have a flexible and friendly environment to work as per their own convenience.

Although you can be suggested to take on projects at odd timeframe and stringent deadlines, however, if you confirm and deliver, significant monetary reward is a guarantee! If you do not want to opt for it, we always give you an unmatchable power.

The Power to Choose

Right from opting for a subject, we have a diverse range of topics including Medical and Healthcare, Finance and Accounting, Economics, Project Management, Legal sub-categories, statistical tools (R, STATA, etc.), programming languages (C, Java, Python, etc.), and more.

During your time at DigiVersal, all the projects assigned to you will be first confirmed and then officially assigned. If you do not want to, or can’t work on any project and haven’t sent any confirmation, we enable you to just deny it.

Experience One-on-one Consultation with Clients

With constant feedback and support, as you become distinctive subject-matter go-to expert at DigiVersal, we also enable you to comfortably communicate and provide end-to-end tutorial and consultation session to the client.

This not only improves your ability to support the client on a personal level, but help you gain clients’ perspective and their exact requirements.

How to Apply?

To register yourself with DigiVersal as an academic consultant, you just need to sign up on our website and submit an online test. Once approved, and we hope it does, you will be contacted via call and email, and we shall begin our journey.

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Join Team-DigiVersal and together, let us, excel ourselves to achieve the vision of – Personifying Excellence!

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