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DigiVersal - Live, Work, Play & Learn

Live, Work, Play and Learn is the New Motto and We Mean It.

On 22nd October 2019, DigiVersal has launched a new website and a Future Ready Company Culture that aims to provide digital professionals in India, a perfect work-life balance and encourage maximum creativity at work.

We are a full-service digital agency and have re-launched our website with global ambitions whilst conserving our indigenous values of inclusive growth. The DigiVersal masthead is now a triad of four beautiful colors where each hue derives its origin from well though corporate values, which act as the pillars of the work culture of the company. The idea is to embrace the future with a humane approach and curate a company that attracts the best talent at campus placements and creative powerhouses from the Digital Marketing and Branding Industry.

In words of Company’s co-founder, Mr. Sudhanshu Sharma, “Live, Work, Play and Learn is not just a motto for me. It is in short, an experience that I want our teams to live on a daily basis at DigiVersal offices around the country and I will work relentlessly to realize it. Our emphasis on employee satisfaction has always been paramount which has helped us grow manifold since 2015 and now our collective aim is to make DigiVersal, one of the best places to work at, in Delhi NCR and in India.”

With the symphony of colors- Astral Blue, Acapulco Green, Amber, and Bittersweet Pink, the concept of Live, Work, Play, and Learn are defined with a poetic precision and covers the core values of our organization that lays superlative importance on an inclusive Growth Culture, Women Empowerment, Nurturing the Right Talent and Rewarding Hard work with aplomb. 

As rightly put by Mr. Budhesh Chopra, our much loved Director and co-founder at DigiVersal, ”The extent of your success at DigiVersal is only restricted by your ambition and creativity. You may have joined us at any level, be it an intern or senior level, we will ensure that your success is measured truly in your output and that your life and career go hand in hand. As simple as that.”

What individuals such as them dream, they make sure to achieve it. The company is now under process to formally launch an array of Digital Concierge Solutions, which will be an end to end bouquet of services to cater to all needs of online businesses and startups in India. The ambitious program is called SUCCESS 360 and is one of its’ kind in India, providing services like – Lead Growth, Android Development, Content Marketing, Website Development, SEO/SMO, Brand Identity, Product Design and IOS Applications, all under one roof with utmost precision and as per the Quality Standards of Silicon Valley.

Keep checking this space for more on DigiVersal.
Trust us; there’s a lot of brewing here, just for you.

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