5 Most Actionable Techniques To Convert Traffic Into Leads


Digital marketing is in its full potential these days. Growing your business on the cloud has become more important than building it on the ground. One of the many reasons why every business should have a professional website is that it helps in building trust and credibility of the brand.

Despite the fact that there is cut-throat competition in the digital market, standing out in the respective industry is not easy and you need to follow a certain set of strategies to achieve a better ROI on your marketing efforts.

Be it the SEO, SMO or PPC, Content is the most important component of every digital marketing channel. Quality traffic can only be derived with the help of relevant, informative and helpful content.

If you have managed to get a good amount of traffic to your website, it’s time to make money or in technical language, its time to monetize your website with right tools.

To save you the hassle, we have compiled this list of top 5 methods to convert visitors into leads and ultimately encourage them participate in conversions.

Landing pages

If there is anything that is in the heart of inbound marketing, it’s creatively designed landing pages that convert your valuable visitor into a prospective lead. Landing pages are used to encourage the user to provide his information in exchange for something that adds values to his life.

Some of the main components of a good landing page are the headline, copy, social sharing buttons, High-quality image/background and a clear call to action. You can design your own landing pages with designing softwares or you can use free WordPress plugins that help you design your ideal landing pages according to your targeted audience.

Welcome Redirects

If you have just started your website and you are at your initial stage of gaining traffic and leads than this method is for you. Welcome redirects are used to convert the first visitors into leads. Every marketing effort done today is to collect email addresses of visitors.

This method works best if you have a great domain authority so that a visitor can trust you with your content and values you are providing in the offer. This is the best method to collect a good number of leads in the short time. The strategy to be used here is to provide something valuable like free ebook, newsletter or anything that user cannot refuse.

Notification Bars

These are the full wide banners you see on the top of any website. There is psychological fact that we internet users naturally pay attention to notifications. You can put an email form or a link to any other landing pages. Here again, an encouraging call to action is necessary to convince the user to opt for your newsletter or any other services.

Though these notification bars can be designed with free WordPress plugins, using paid service like hellobar.com can provide value and a better experience to your visitors. Apart from WordPress and hellobar, you can search google for free and alternatives to putting a customized notification bar on your website.

Popup Forms

Every modern marketer can relate to the fact that popup forms play an important role in converting web traffic into leads. These attractive popups should be very engaging and have an effective offer which your visitors find relatable enough to click on ‘sign up’ button without any second thought.

You can use a WordPress plugin called popup domination which helps you in creating appealing popup forms for your website.

opt-In Forms

The opt-in forms are used to gain the attention of the user from sidebars and other vacant areas on the website. The best place to insert these opt-in forms is below the last line of your blog. When you have provided a good value to your users, they are more likely to avail your services without any second thought.

opt-in forms can also be used in videos but only if you are sure that viewer will find it relatable or else it creates a bad impression of interruption. You have to be very precise with your content while using such opt-in tools.

Every marketing effort ever done on the web is to land user to a piece of content. This content is the ultimate tool to gain traffic to your website. The next step though requires a proper planning and strategy to improve ROI of your business. Since now you know about most happening techniques to generate leads from traffic, use them in your business and let us know what you achieved. In case of any kind of help, feel free to contact our in-house team of experts.

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