Why a #21daylockdown is the only lifeline we have left in the Corona Pandemic? #JantaCurfew

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“To run a simulation when India enters into the third stage of the pandemic will yield morbid results in every possible case scenario. There are only 1000 ventilators available in New Delhi; the capital city of India. Most of the smaller towns and villages in India don’t even have a single one. As per the 2019 data given by the National Health Profile, the total number of hospital beds in Indian Govt. Hospitals are close to 7,00,000 plus a few thousand more. That does not even account for 1 bed per 1000 Indians and many states such as Bihar and Odisha are much below the national figure.”

Straight from a doomsday movie plot, The Wuhan Virus Pandemic hit us while we were least ready for it. Covid-19 AKA the Novel Coronavirus has affected the entire planet to the extent of 194 countries reporting active cases and the numbers are rising every day. The pernicious Coronavirus viral infection is now called once a century event and 1.3 billion Indian citizens are under house arrest following an although late but an intelligent attempt by PM Modi to curb the cluster transmission of the disease.

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A Microscopic impression of Coronavirus Structure. Image Source – Live Science Journal
Why #JantaCurfew is the only choice left?

“Although the international experts are deeming India’s social distancing community effort as too little and too late; but also agreeing to the fact that India has no other choice. We being the most densely populated country on the face of this planet could also be worst affected owing to a visible lack of medical resources and population density of 420 people / square kilometre. This is even worse in cities and Mumbai alone has about 21000 people per sq km.”

Where India stands in The Pandemic – Coronavirus

India is the second most populated country with a very high population density and to add to the woes; a big chunk of the population does not have access to proper sanitation or medical facilities. A fast-spreading and a non-curable viral infection can wreak havoc on our country which none of us can fathom today.

“Imagine a scenario where medical professionals will have to make choices on who to treat first or even worse when doctors, nurses, and medical support staff starts falling short of surgical and protective gear. Imagine the chaos.”

That is why it becomes imperative for the government to follow a pro-active approach and spread as much awareness as it can to sedate or eliminate the spread of the virus. As responsible citizens, we too, need to practice the #21 day lockdown with utmost honesty.

“As of 27th March, there are +700 active cases in India and 17 casualties have taken place. Still, the threat persists in the cases that are either not reported or have not developed the symptoms yet. So, it’s a long way to go for India to ensure the health and safety of all citizens.” 

A lockdown has been imposed in the entire country with all the private and non-essential businesses are being shut barring the essential government services including police, media, sanitation, and banking. The borders of the country are sealed and even the flights and trains are not working domestically within the country.

“The spread of the pandemic is divided into four stages and currently, India is border lining between the second and third stage. The second stage of infection is termed as when the disease is spread by the infected people who have a travel history but the third stage is where the mayhem starts with community transfer. A WHO report states that if community transfer picks up in India, there could be 15 lac+ affected cases in India by mid-April.”

A world map (above) as drawn by the experts at domo.com under their ongoing data-driven project on tracking the COVID 19  Global Pandemic.

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Ji has addressed the nation twice in a week and advised people to stay where they are and in their homes as much as possible because otherwise, they will aid in spreading the disease.

PM Modi also asked people to impose a curfew on themselves for their welfare by avoiding going out the whole day on 22nd March and now has ordered the country into a 21-day lockdown till 15th April. He termed this as ‘Janta Curfew’“A curfew for the people and by the people.”

Here’s what happened in the top 5 countries affected by Coronavirus outbreak:


It is also the birthplace of Novel Coronavirus. The very first case was reported in Wuhan, China, which then also turned out to be the epicentre of Covid outbreak in China.

  • Over 81,000 corona positive cases are reported from China, and the country has seen 3281 deaths until now.
  • The pandemic has not only impacted the lives of the people but it also created a deep dent on the business and overall economy of the country.
  • Countries around the world have broken down trade ties with China.

With several determined efforts by the China government, the country is now in a position that no or little fresh cases are reported from the country.


Italy is the second most affected country where the outbreak of Coronavirus took place most frightfully. Corona cases have doubled, tripled in just a matter of days and still exploding. The situation becomes so severe that the country is battling with the scarcity of medical resources despite of having one of the best medical resources per citizen in the world. The death toll has even surpassed China.

  • There are 69, 196 cases and 6,820 deaths reported from the country.
  • The country has become an epicentre of the disease in Europe and even more affected than China.
  • Restrictions have been imposed on trade and travel.
  • The country is under a complete lock-down.
  • It is affecting the Italian economy that is already going through a torpid mode.


Iran government’s sloppy attitude and dereliction towards the pandemic muffed the entire situation. The disease was spreading among masses without letting people know that their lives are in profound danger. And soon the increasing death toll has made Iran the third most affected country from Coronavirus.

  • Over 24, 811 active cases and 1934 deaths are reported in the country. Even there are speculations that the actual figure could be much high than the reported ones.

The United States

Even the powerful countries like the United States cannot lessen the effect of Corona. The cases have doubled within days and reached a level that created a dearth of medical resources in New York. Though the United States is leading in the race of creating a corona vaccine, still no case is reported that makes their research success.

  • 54,953 cases and 784 deaths are reported in the United States.
  • The States have issued orders in several places for people to stay indoor or they are in a state of complete lockdown.


Spain recorded the highest 680 deaths in a single day on 25th March. The rapidly increasing death-toll makes it the third-highest after China and Italy. Even after the strict measures taken by the Spain government, the virus is outspreading swiftly.

  • As per the reported cases, there are 47,610 infections and 3,434 deaths occurred in the country.
  • The government declared a state of emergency.
  • The country is also running short of medical equipment.
“Let us not ignore the horrid experiences of other countries and rather learn from it. The Indian government is trying hard to keep the situation under control by making people aware of the importance of social distancing in such a taxing period.” In the words of PM Modi – “Lets stay indoors and gear up for the long battle.”

The 100+ strong and talented staff of Digiversal Consultants Pvt. Ltd; as per the  lockdown order are working from home since 20th March to practice social distancing and requisite precautions. All our services and customer care numbers are fully functional and available between 10 AM – 7 PM on all weekdays, though you may hear pets and kids in the background. We appeal to all our patrons, readers, friends and friends of friends to practice extreme personal hygiene and stay indoors unless it becomes very very essential to leave your homes.
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