6 Cutting-edge Ways to Promote a Business Online


Online business promotions have been revolutionised with the advent of Web 2.0. The internet requires you to spend wads of cash on marketing, but the best part is that it ensures an infallible tracking mechanism, thereby opening the doors for future customisations. Online business, when follows this process in an orderly fashion can bring about speedy payback within a short period of time.

There are some specific techniques that need to be successfully employed to reap maximum output from online promotions. In this post, we have divided them into six categories. Let us briefly look at each of them:

Local listings:

Local listings

I won’t be delving into the characterisation of this terminology on a humble assumption that you must be knowing it. However, what we can discuss here is how to efficiently utilise this system. Google my business, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Yellow Pages and many more, are familiar names in this domain.

It’s important to get registered as well as verified in at least two or three of them depending on your region. The listings must also be associated with some pleasant vignettes to attract genuine customers.


Website’s appearance defines a company’s outlook. The different kinds of promotions that can be undertaken through a website are seasonal campaigns, festive offers etc.

One more aspect that dominates a website is the content. Content marketing can be paid as well as free. The apothegm “content is king” is followed by all websites, thereby increasing the quality of presenting rich content with attractive images and info-graphs.

Website’s appearance

Mobile App

Mobile Apps have taken the web by storm, resulting in a parallel platform pairing with websites to ease various kinds of business promotions as well as streamlining the digital marketing arena. Smartphone apps have metamorphosised themselves as important marketing tools, especially for small businesses.

The features of being comparatively inexpensive and improving customer engagement via 24/7 accessibility, have made business firms undertake promotional activities even on a treadmill.

Mobile App

Social Media Presence

Social media is one such platform that has made itself into an additional marketing strategy complementing the various digital marketing platforms. With the reach of social media, it has also grown into an indispensable business promotion tool that can reach your couch within a split second.

However, what becomes essential for achieving such influence is the selection of right platform, from the innumerable lot. Some of the leading competitors are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. The frequency, as well as the timing of post, are also important determining features for drawing maximum benefit.

Social Media Presence

E-mail Newsletter

Emails used for sending various new offers, as well as all communicating some recent happenings, in specific domains need to ensure some basic guidelines:

  • Avoid being transferred into the spam box.
  • Need to have all the appeal to keep the potential customers in awe for a second or two
  • Words used must be in specifically for the target audience (formal, informal or casual).
  • Prioritize your Call to Actions
  • Don’t give it all, keep something for the website-visit.

Online Surveys

They are one of the most commonly used tools for market research. A well-targeted online survey can elicit desired results within a short span of time. It can help any business in identifying some particular interests, dislikes, needs, and aspirations etc. of its potential customers. A properly designed survey can elucidate the owners further into behavioural aspects of its consumers thereby customising their future products and services.

Another important aspect of online surveys is determining the industry leader in a specific field of business. This kind of tool can be advantageous for new business firms.

Online Surveys

Now that you are aware of the six methods used for business promotion, it’s time to imbibe each of these into your business promotion strategy. Doing so, will not only increase your reach but also inflate your sales.

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