India New Education Policy 2020 recommends that scholars must first learn to learn.

The New Education Policy of India in its recommendations attempts to recast the dichotomous life of Indian scholars who toil under a grade based learning system for a good part of their early life only to discover that they have no real world skills even after completing graduation. The Union Cabinet recently gave its assent […]

Why a #21daylockdown is the only lifeline we have left in the Corona Pandemic? #JantaCurfew

“To run a simulation when India enters into the third stage of the pandemic will yield morbid results in every possible case scenario. There are only 1000 ventilators available in New Delhi; the capital city of India. Most of the smaller towns and villages in India don’t even have a single one. As per the […]

Google’s B.E.R.T. is Begging; Please write content for humans.

BERT, The latest and most significant Google update since Rank Brain is already in effect since one week, and as per Google fellow and Vice President Search, Mr Pandu Nayak, ”It will effect 1 in every 10 google searches”, especially the long tail searches where prepositions such as “for” and “to” have a significant meaning […]

A quick checklist for creating quality content that attracts

Content marketing has turned out to be the most influencing factor, when it comes to building trust and credibility in any industry. Marketers need to build a better approach to reach and convert potential customers. This could be achieved by crafting relevant and helpful content. Every modern marketer can relate to the fact, that good […]

Why value-oriented content is the next big thing

Content experts have witnessed a revolution in digital marketing as this dynamic industry continues to blow us with innovative practices to reach, attract and convert the targeted audience. The customers are not fools, they are your assets. Respect them. You need to give them some sort of values before pitching for your product or service. […]

How great visuals can flourish Your brand’s communication

Every modern marketer or business owner can relate to the hype about visual content in marketing industry today. As the market grows to be more and more value oriented, brands are now focused on promoting their products with engaging and high-quality graphics. Since the digital market is becoming more and more consumer-driven, brands are adapting […]

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