Hottest trend in SEO: Long tail keywords


Google it! The most common phrase people use when someone asks them something they don’t know.

Be it any information, solution or anything you want to know about, almost everything can be found on google.

With the rise of digital marketing, the whole world is transforming into a cloud hub.

Today, almost everyone turns to Google whenever they need some information desperately. The thing they write in the google search bar are gems for any SEO experts.

What exactly are long tail keywords

A search trend called query-based search is on a leap these days in which a user looks for a solution by writing long sentences in google search bar. These long( or short sometimes) are called long tail keywords.

These keywords are more likely to help the user find a precise solution as compared to other misguiding web pages which lack relevant information. Here are some examples of both short and long tail keywords to give a better understanding on future of SEO.

So here you can see that long tail keywords are nothing but a precise variant of what user is looking for on the web.

What’s wrong with short tail keywords

When it comes to finding the most cost-efficient method to drive abundant traffic to your website, SEO is the only thing that comes to the mind of any digital marketer.

A good amount of traffic to your website will help you rank higher in Google SERP and ultimately get more conversions.

No matter how complex SEO may look like in modern times but there is just one thing that still matters the most; keyword research. Every day, marketing experts burn their midnight oil to get a good ranking for competitive keywords.

Many business owners fail to build trust and credibility in their particular domain because they start targeting short tail keywords despite knowing the fact that there is cut-throat competition in this industry.

How long tail keywords can drive quality traffic

Though it requires a keen observation of pain areas of your audience to target specific long tail keywords, it will help you in driving quality traffic to your website in the long run.

People who land on your page via any long tail keyword search are the most important asset of any business. These people are desperately looking for a solution on the web.

If your content is epic and genuinely resolves visitor’s problem, these people are most likely to participate in conversions.

In order to rank higher in Google SERP without losing much money and mind, improve your domain authority and then talk about real solutions. This will naturally drive abundant amount of traffic.

One thing that every marketer must keep in his mind is that this strategy has long-term fruit. You must put a humongous amount of time and efforts in researching these special keywords.

SEO has come a long way in redefining how a search engine works. Long tail keywords are just one of them. There has been quite a discussion about the decline of SEO in the market but our experts believe that SEO is immortal. Instead of ignoring SEO completely due to its complexities, try experimenting with that strategy that actually works.

We have used this strategy to help many small businesses to grow and they have witnessed a significant increase in traffic and ROI. you can contact us anytime if you want to know what works for your business and what not.

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