How to create convincing PPC ad copy that actually converts


There are many bloggers, marketing experts, and users who are flocking around on the web to read reviews, buy something or find information. It is very obvious that the internet has witnessed a cut-throat competition when it comes to market something.

When businesses believe in their product, service or the solution they have to offer, they choose Paid Marketing without a second thought. Investing some funds in PPC is the best way to get ultimate Google exposure and immediate traffic.

A study claims that 70% of all the links ever clicked on google are organic so it becomes very important to write a convincing PPC ad copy. This is the only ethical way to be one of those 30 % clicked business ads.

Writing an ad copy does not require much writing talent but you got to have a practical approach while choosing the words that convince users to click and visit your website.

Below are some of the proven techniques that not just drive traffic to your website but convert the visitors into leads:

Use creative headlines and description lines

You can not sell anything with boring headlines. You got to grab someone’s attention with limited characters. These headlines and descriptive lines must include top keywords of your industry arranged in such a way that it encourages users to click. Spend a significant amount of time and efforts in crafting these headlines as they are the most important part of your ad copy.

Sell a solution, not a product or service

There is a reason why most people tend to ignore the ads and scroll down to other options. The main reason is they have too much to offer but lack empathy and concern for customers. Marketers need to understand that today, a user is looking for a solution rather than any product or service. Though mentioning offers, coupons and discounts play a vital role in PPC ad copy but whole ad copy must be value-oriented not sales oriented.

Trigger emotions with right tone

Believe it or not, there is an actual definite relation between psychology and marketing. Everyday modern marketers use their talent to connect with the potential customers by triggering their specific emotions. This underrated technique will naturally guide your customers from considering to buying. Try to figure out the emotional needs of your customer and satisfy them with fulfillment.

Write a killer call to action

In order to complete your ad, an effective call to action must be integrated in a manner that it resonates with your customer’s expectations. For a CTA to be convincing, use words that arouse enthusiasm or emotion. A strong command verb, impulse factor, and some unique selling point can do wonders to your ad copy.

Paid marketing is still evolving and there are numerous trends and techniques that need to be understood on a more deeper level. The above-mentioned insights and tips will definitely help you improve your paid marketing strategies.

We are discovering revolutionary techniques that are transforming how online marketing works in the present scenario. If you are a small or medium-sized business owner, feel free to contact us anytime.

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