How to master inbound marketing with detailed buyer personas


Modern marketers are witnessing dynamic changes in the digital market every now and then. Every blog we read about inbound marketing on the web today talks about one thing for sure; “Know your audience”

But the big question is how?

How to know your audience on a more personal level so that we can attract them by delivering value-oriented content that they would love to share and ultimately help us in conversions in the long run.

Read on to know that!

From great visuals to storytelling, Inbound marketing has seen many changes in order to generate good revenues. But there is just one thing on which marketing experts are researching every day; buyer personas

How inbound marketing and buyer personas are related?

There has been quite a buzz about inbound marketing as it grows to be the best tool for B2B marketing. New opportunities are being seized by smart marketers.

Digital marketing industry turned out to be the most happening industry in recent years.

According to a recent survey, 70% of all the links ever clicked on Google SERP are organic not paid.

Yes! Let that sink in for some time.

Organic traffic is something that will save you every time google shift gears in its algorithm to make it more complex and hard to understand. Inbound marketing is focusing on getting found by the right customers.

You may have a general idea or perception about your audience but developing strategic buyer personas will help you in reaching milestones in your business.

5 steps to develop detailed buyer personas for inbound marketing

In order to create a stronger marketing campaign and segment your audience, an inbound marketing personas should be considered very seriously.

Here is a step by step guide to creating buyer personas that will kick-start your content marketing strategy:

Craft a basic profile

The very first step in developing the perfect buyer personas is creating a basic profile of your ideal customers based on their location, age, gender and other basic information. The ideal approach in this step is considering those who are more likely to use your service. This way you will have something to start with and proceed to further technicalities of buyer personas.

Research your existing customer database

The next step would be researching your best customers so that you can have an idea about who participate in your revenues generation and who does not. The agenda here is to find the most common things among some of your best customers. These commonalities will help you in understanding your audience on a more deeper level. Find where they come from and how did they find and consume your content. Use this information in reaching out to potential customers.

Conduct surveys and interviews

The best way to know someone is by talking to them. Yes, this is not a platitude but the most useful technique to resonate your business vision with right people. Having a real-time conversation with them will help you in building an impactful relationship and gathering the million dollar information. Your customers would love to talk about themselves. The key here is to give them what they want and get what you need in return.

Stalk their Social Media profiles

Social Media will you abundant information about your ideal customers. Since people share almost everything on this platform. You can document their lifestyle, interests, preferences, and expectations. Since engagement has become one of the most important tools in marketing, many brands claimed that social media has played an important role in mapping their customer journeys effectively. Social Media is the new internet and it still has hidden potential when it comes to succeeding in marketing.

Identify their needs and pain areas.

This is the most important step in the development of inbound marketing personas. The ultimate agenda of developing ideal buyer personas is to deliver what your customers exactly want or need. After following the above-mentioned 4 key steps, you will have enough information with you to identify the main pain areas of your customers. If we have to describe pain areas, in a nutshell, they are the questions, queries, and problems that your target audience want to be resolved.

Buyer personas are not new but a there is a power vacuum in this particular strategy as this has more to do with psychology, behavior, and nature rather than ads, leads or sales.

No matter in what business you are, the above-mentioned points will definitely help you in developing the perfect buyer personas. If you still need some audits on this subject, feel free to contact our in-house experts anytime.

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